Sylvia Dunn for Seaford Central

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Sylvia Campaigns on the issues that affect Seaford Town

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My experience of having faithfully served Seaford as a Town Councillor, and being a prospective candidate for Central Ward, makes it clear to me that our town needs a fresh, new approach to local politics if we are to meet the needs of local people in the coming decades.



My Passion for Local Issues

I'm not content with just sitting back and remaining silent when I think something is wrong for Seaford.


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Here I am, working to bring attention to the proposed development of The Buckle Car Park. Development of this site would deprive Seaford residents of an important local amenity for locals and tourists alike. We began a petition for local people against what is clearly an ill thought out development. We don't need development that offers nothing to the people of Seaford, we need initiatives that will provide opportunity and will enhance our community.


How I Became a Councillor

I have always been very active. If I see something that needs doing, I either arrange it myself or hound the relevant authority until it is done. This determination and an invitation to meet with the Chief Executive was bound to put me on someone’s radar, and is how I ended up becoming a councillor. I also had the same attitude in the council chambers, I was the one who asked the awkward and unpopular questions, because for me it’s not just about turning up at meetings, it’s far more than that. For me it is being the voice for the residents and making sure I get the best for them.


Vote Sylvia Dunn for Seaford Central Say NO to Mainstream Party Politics and Vote For a Candidate who Stands Only for Local People and Serves Nobody But Seaford !


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I’m Not Afraid to Roll Up My Sleeves


I have helped set up, or been a member of, working groups within the council to ensure our town is protected for the future: 

  • Flood Defence working group (liaising with Environment Agency) 
  • Impact Seaford 
  • Seaford Resident’s Voice 
  • Sussex Community Rail Partnership


I Will Be An Active Councillor On Behalf of Seaford Central

My background and knowledge in law assisted me to fulfil my duties previously as a councillor, supporting and helping change governance documents to increase accountability, transparency and good practice within the council. My strong community spirit, solid ethos and my principles mean I will always put the town first. IfS is a Seaford only organisation, I'm for Seaford and nobody else.


Partnership Working

Partnership working and community engagement helped set up the Station Scheme Wild Flower Garden all with a zero budget, hard work and determination. I helped organise the Seaford 150, when the steam train returned.


Community Payback

I do a lot of work with community payback, this enables me to tackle some very hard grafting jobs, including shingle removal, as well as development of long term plans for twitten and hedge row clearing.


For too long now Seaford has taken a back seat in the Lewes District and been on the end of too many bad political decisions. Mainstream parties have left our town sidelined, which is unacceptable for the largest town in the district with a population of over 24,000. We need to think outside the box when voting locally, setting aside our national preferences and voting in Seaford's best interests.

The people of Seaford need a strong voice when it comes to decisons that affect our town. I truly believe that I, with the support of ifS, am that voice and that I can deliver on the issues that matter for Seaford.


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