Politics at Town/Parish level is not so much about a National Party emblem but about the candidate's knowledge, understanding and work within the community they live in.

Too often we see candidates fielded by National Parties who do not live in the ward they are nominated to represent, on occasion they do not even live in the town, and when questioned on the doorstep cannot answer questions about major current local issues, despite leaflets indicating support for them.

How many people, reading the various leaflets arriving through letterboxes, understand that at Town Council level what is needed are hands on people with the Town’s best interests at heart rather than being another National Party face around a table so their party can claim they ‘control’ the council? What is the point of that?

From the outset of recent campaigns Party machines have rolled out, and it was not surprising to see that the successful East Ward candidate’s campaign leaflet contained a logo which led to the leaflet being reported to the Electoral Monitoring Officer for breach of Campaign rules as well as glaring errors. If I was that candidate I would have been concerned at the lack of attention to detail – have their party not been doing this long enough to ensure leaflets are compliant and truthful?

Some may cry ‘sour grapes’ as last night (6/7/17) as the IfS candidate I came third in the East Ward by-election, a ward I have lived in for 25 years and whose residents I have successfully assisted with various issues over the years. I am understandably disappointed but will continue to work in the community whether we are in an election campaign or not and help those who come to me, no strings attached!

I hope newly elected Cllr. James Elton proves that, despite his relatively recent involvement with his party that gives the impression of yet another ‘paper candidate’, he truly does have the time and knowledge of Seaford to properly represent the people of East Ward and the town as a whole.

Fiona House

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