Today I went along the opening of the postal votes in Lewes for the East Ward by-election. Having watched a few counts in the last few years and being fascinated by the process I thought I would take the opportunity to see what happens with postal vote papers

The process is very robust and I hope my explanation is easy to follow!

  1. When you register for a postal vote you are required to write your date of birth and sign within a box on the form provided. This form is scanned into a special system, somewhat similar to that used by banks, to allow checking in an election.
  2. When an election comes along you are sent a ballot paper with it's own envelope, a security sheet to sign and enter your date of birth and SAE envelope to return all parts.
  3. On receipt, at in this case LDC, the envelopes are stored until the checking date. During elections with a high postal return the envelopes are processed over a number of days due to the volume received.
  4. On checking day/s the envelope is opened and the security sheet checked that a signature is present and a date of birth entered in the boxes, and that the ballot slip envelope belongs to the security sheet. These are then stacked in 50's so you have one pile of ballot envelopes and one of security sheets.
  5. Now the magic starts! The security sheets are scanned and software reviews signature and date of birth against your original form (see 1). Any anomalies or indecipherable entries are then reviewed by an officer who will determine if information is correct and acceptable.
  6. Once all security sheets have been scanned and accepted the ballot envelopes are opened (sadly I was not able to stay for this part as my parking ticket had expired and Lewes is not the cheapest for ticket machines!) and the ballot papers piled face down in batches. These batches are then counted and number of ballot papers in each batch recorded.
  7. When all are processed the batched ballot papers are put into a fresh ballot box and sealed ready to be unsealed and counted after polling closes at 10pm on polling day. The number of papers recorded as being in the ballot box will be double checked against votes counted to ensure none are missing.

It was a very interesting morning and thanks to the staff at LDC Electoral Services for explaining the processes so clearly.

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