• Independents for Seaford candidates believe that Seaford should be represented by Seaford residents who are passionate and committed to the betterment of the town.
  • Independents for Seaford have no national political party affiliation or constraints, allowing them to freely represent the people of Seaford.
  • As Seaford is the largest town we wish to promote a greater representation for it’s people within Lewes district and East Sussex.
  • To build a safer and closer community for all.
  • We will listen to local residents and businesses to ensure that their views and wishes are represented and heard at a town level.
  • Ensure greater transparency and accountability in Seaford town council.
  • Support the community of Seaford through promotion and assistance for town events.
  • Promote the physical and mental health and well-being of the residents.
  • To research and encourage both environmental improvement and practical conservation through partnership working.
  • We believe that decisions should be economically viable. This includes the management and development of areas such as the sea front and green spaces.

Core Values

  • Independence. We will each make up our own mind about each decision without reference to a shared dogma or ideology.
  • Integrity. Decisions will be made in an open and understandable manner. Information will be made available even when we make mistakes and everyone will have the opportunity to influence decisions.
  • Positivity. We will look for solutions, involving others in the discussions, not just describe problems.
  • Creativity. Use new, or borrowed, ideas from within the group and the wider community to refresh what we do and how we do it.
  • Honesty. We believe in an open and honest council.
  • Respect. Understand that everyone has an equal voice and is worth listening to.
  • Accountability. IfS members and candidates are accountable to the residents of Seaford first and foremost.

IfS Your Voice for Our Town