Week 3 - A week at the edge of our seats

22nd May 2015 By Mark Enser

What a week! We knew that by the end of the week we had to have our nominations for the East Ward by-election in to Lewes. That meant we had until the end of the week to get our party registered. The advisor at the Electoral Commission assured us it would be done on time and that we should have an answer at the start of the week. Monday was a bank holiday; Tuesday came and went with a lot of frantic emails and phone calls; then the same on Wednesday. Thursday we were told. We waited. We emailed. We called. Just wait. Nothing.


On Friday morning the email finally came through. Our registration had been approved! The name was approved; the descriptions were fine; even our original emblem that they thought might be an issue was good to go. Never have so many dances for joy been danced in corners of Seaford as the word spread.

In amongst this we managed to meet to finalise leaflet designs, plan a launch party, set up a Facebook supporters page, produce a campaign video and come up with a strategy for getting the word out in East Ward.

Then we launched! On Friday 30thof May we announced to the world that we existed. Next week we will find out just who cares!

Week three accomplishments:Getting registered, getting the video finished and the leaflet designs finalised, launching the party to the world, planning the launch event.

Week three challenges:Having a very tight deadline with the electoral commission, finding time to do all of this, making enough coffee for everyone in one go.

Week four to-do list:Start leafleting, get website out, look for further support, launch party.