Week 4 - Hello World!

7th June 2015 By Mark Enser

At the end of last week we heard that our registration as a minor party had been approved just in time for us to get our nominations in. Friday evening we told the world our plans and waited to see what the reaction was.

It was overwhelmingly positive. Our facebook page quickly topped 100 likes, the video, when we premiered it, received excellent reviews and we had offers of support coming in from across the town. The website launched as well and allowed us the opportunity to do things like this blog and share what we have been up to. During the week we picked up our leaflets, badges, keyrings and bumper stickers. It was all coming together.

More exciting news followed as the local papers picked up on our press release allowing us to get our message out to whole new groups of people. We knew though that we needed to deliver the message personally and so the four candidates were out in East Ward delivering leaflets and knocking on doors. Wherever we went, and whoever we spoke to, the same thing kept coming back, Excellent. About time someone did this.

We also had people attending the local police panel to put forward and listen to the concerns of local people and to a meeting about the BASE.

Coming up at the weekend we have a launch event for supporters and we are organising a picnic in the park for families. This is what ifS  should all be about – bringing people together as a community. Very excited about what Week 5 is going to bring.

Week four accomplishments Getting the leaflets, keyrings, badges and bumper stickers produced. Widening our support base from a dozen key people to a much larger group. Organising the launch event and picnic. Starting door knocking.

Week four challenges Working out how to best deliver over 2000 people while also knocking on doors and talking to everyone. Campaigning for East Ward while also launching ifS as a long term movement.

Week four to-do list Finish leafletting the entire ward. Make sure people know how they can support us. Continue finding new ways to get our message to people.