Seaford East & North Police Panel June 2015 – Sarah McStravick

9th June 2015 By Sarah McStravick

I went to the Police panel in East Ward this evening at St Luke's for East and North Ward issues. PSCO Dan Turk provided a report about recent police incidents, and the 'reorganisation' of policing in Sussex.

The previous meeting had raised the issue of parking around schools and there had been a trail of a targets campaign at Annecy, a few months before. What were the outcomes and could this campaign to prevent anti social parking be brought to other schools inc Chyngton? PCSO Turk said the outcomes were positive and that he would prioritise the issues around Chyngton in the coming months, including Saltwood Rd, Millberg Rd, Hythe Crescent and Chyngton Gardens and other closes near by where parking is an issue in and around school pick up drop of times.

The traffic restrictions around the school cannot be enforced as no signage nor a traffic restriction notice.

I also raised the issue, that had been brought to my attention here of anti social behaviour in and around Walmer Rec. Again this too, would be made a priority.

It was also advised to ring 101 if an non emergency incidents occur or are witnessed and 999 in case of immediate danger and the Police will log these reports which will help them target specific incidents and provide a more specific monitoring of the issue.

It was good to hear that Community Speedwatch are continuing to monitor speeding in Alfriston Rd going out of town. They are still awaiting a risk assessment to enable them to monitor the I bound traffic. All main routes are monitored and a number of speeding offences have been reported.

We were not aware of the outcomes of the East Sussex trail of speed on Vale Rd.

A good meeting and pleased to see several prospective Councillors for East Ward, IFS were represented by Sarah McStravick, Sylvia Dunn and Debbie Ward