The Base AGM 3rd June 2015 – Debbie Ward

4th June 2015 By Debbie Ward

So, last night I attended The Base AGM. I was so impressed with what they want to do for our community, I joined the committee !

The long term aim of The Base, is to 'recycle music'.

Confused? It's simple. The room is set up for bands to use for rehearsals and it is booked to about 90% capacity. The funds received from hiring will eventually be used to give free music lessons to Seaford's youth. This is where the short term plan comes in.

To enable the lessons to start The Base must fund the diversion of water and waste water and install a toilet. This has been quoted at approximately £13,000. The hope is to get a community grant, or two, to pay for this. But if anyone wishes to help or donate then please get in touch.

Also, some of you may remember an excellent day of live music in 2013, held in the Salts and staged by The Base.

All being well we hope to make this an annual event from 2016. Watch this space!