Coming Soon to a Home in East Ward – Sarah McStravick

9th June 2015 By Sarah McStravick

Over the last few days Independent for Seaford activists have been busy out and about in the East Ward.

We have been out in large and small teams, on sunny days and evenings. We are really happy when residents, stop and take the time to speak to us, or give us a wave. We have had a couple of dogs jump up (but anybody posting anything will tell you the same story)!

Local residents have been positive about the movement for change and have made us aware of a variety of issues, all of which we are pursuing and following up with the residents concerned. It is great to see things being achieved.

Please let us know if there is an issue you require local support with.

If you have not seen us out and about yet we will be coming to an area near you soon.

If you have any queries or questions about IFS, get in touch at the contact details on this site.

Thank you Seaford!