Seaford Central, South and West Wards Police Panel meeting – Debbie Ward

12th June 2015 By Debbie Ward

Here is a brief update, following the Central, South and West Wards Police Panel meeting held last evening.

Sgt Mullins gave a report on the crime statistics for Seaford:

Burglary is down from last year, with only 5 reported, instead of the 9 reported during the same period last year. He noted that no Burglaries had been reported since the beginning of April this year. It was noted that those reported were opportunistic crimes, and the Police would like to remind residents to be vigilant regarding doors and windows left open during the summer months.

There was several complaints made regarding youths on motorbikes, riding on the pavements around the cemetery. In response to this one bike was ceased and several on the spot fines were handed out.

There continues to be a small amount of anti social behaviour, this ranges from noise around the Trek club to youths causing damage in the Crouch. The small group of youths that were about a month or so ago, pictured at the railway station causing chaos, and also vandalising the equipment in the Crouch Play area, are known to police, they have all had a strong talking to as have the parents. It was noted that only on of these youths were from Seaford!

If you witness any anti-social behaviour then please ring 101 so that the information can be collated to isolate areas for officers to focus on. If there is immediate danger to life or property, or a serious crime is in progress, ring 999.

The Community Speedwatch officer, reported that the highest speed recorded over the last 3 months, was 67mph! This was one of 87 offences recorded in the town, luckily for some there has been an IT glitch so only 14 of these drivers will receive letters..... this could mean 3 points on your license and a £500 fine.... so watch your speed people! (The glitch has now been sorted so you have been warned!)

Steve, from CSW has asked that if you see any of the 'Think 30' signs blown away, please contact him via the Sussex Police website.

Mark Brown of Neighbourhood Watch reported that the Seaford branch now has 1100 members!

Mark is also part of the Elders Commission, which looks at crime against the elderly and helps inform those who are vulnerable on how to stay safe.

A new initiative from Sussex Police is to have Hate Crime Ambassadors, which for Seaford is again Mark Brown.... a very busy man!! If you would like further information or wish to report incidence of hate crime, Mark can be contacted through Seaford Town Council, as he is also a counsellor!! (and SRV's liaison)

UPDATES... A few months back several of the seafront shelters had windows broken. There was some confusion on facebook as to whether it was the weather or vandalism. Sgt Mullins confirmed that it was a small group of youngsters, who admit to being there, but do not admit to the crime. Unfortunately, as there is little to no evidence the matter can not be taken further, but the Police know who they are and will be keeping an eye on them!

I was asked about a chap who it would seem is living in a mobile home near the train lines out at Tidemills. Police are aware of him, and are monitoring the situation. As the land is privately owned the police have no power to move him on as he is not breaking any law. At this time it would be down to the land owners to evict him if they so wished.

Finally, a please help..... There have been a few opportunistic purse thefts, mainly in Morrisons, but also in other shops in town... the Police have asked that we are all vigilant and Ladies, in particular, are asked to keep your purses in a closed bag, and keep the bag on yourself. Not on the trolley!! Not wishing to generalise, but it is often the older ladies that are targeted, if you see someone who is leaving their purse unattended, maybe a gentle word would be appreciated. Thank you.