Taking a Stand – Sarah McStravick

12th June 2015 By Sarah McStravick

So you may have seen the Independent for Seaford leaflet, you may be asking questions about why vote for an independent, here are some of my thoughts and more about my views and my record:

It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in, it takes strength to stand up for your principles. As a councillor for Seaford, I believed Seaford, (the largest town in the district), should have a louder voice and enabled to have a greater say in how it's asserts are utilised for the best interests of the town. I found this hard to achieve in the constraints of party politics and saw how wider political considerations, at times could not serve Seaford's best interest. I wanted to change this.., that is why I took a stand for Seaford!

I believe that our elected representatives should serve the people and put the towns interest first, again at times it has been apparent; that this may not always have been the case. The most recent council have appeared to vote on block vote, several resolutions with little public debate. Was there previous private debate? If this is so is this democratic? I want a change and that is why I have taken a stand for Seaford.

I'd like to see a greater voice for Seaford, I'd like to see more accountability and transparency by elected members who are able to explain honestly why they vote as they do.

I have an active record on listening to other Seafordian's asking for issues to be raised, issues which impact their day to day lives... Dog fouling, flood protection, speeding issues road safety, keeping Seaford tidy.

I continue to listen to residents, I'm for Seaford and will continue to listen and take action for the town and it's people. Standing up and digging in, being involved in the community. Working for the community at events and involved in a range of community organisations promoting the town, listening and networking to support citizens to work together, from road blocks at great day and evening events, marking national and local events, putting Seaford on the map.

Standing up for the town, digging in. I'm for Seaford...