Promoting our Unique and Vibrant Town – Sarah McStravick

13th June 2015 By Sarah McStravick

Residents have been asking me about the importance of business promotion. As a step daughter of a former long standing President of Seaford Chamber of Commerce, I am well aware of the importance of business to the town.

Seaford unlike many similar towns still has a butcher, baker, candlestick maker (well several iron mongers) and a fish shop amongst other interesting businesses in the town. I have always supported local business where possible.

My record shows that Seaford business has been an important aspect of my thinking when I was making decisions in the town, from planning, ensuring that business properties in the town remain business properties, promoting business development and taking our existing businesses interests into account when events were being planned in the town.

I would welcome further views of local businesses to see how the community can support and promote the necessary infrastructure to support and encourage the vibrant independent and diverse commerce in the town.

I'm for Seaford business !