Week 5 - Getting out there

16th June 2015 By Mark Enser

Week five started with parties and celebrations. On the Saturday we booked the function room of the Seven Sisters for a launch event with supporters and friends. We talked, we laughed, we had a raffle to raise some much needed funds and they kindly put up with me making a speech. It was good to see how much support we have out there in the community and from such a wide range of people. It was also good to talk about what different people wanted from ifS and to get their views on Seaford’s future.

Sunday we continued in the party mood with a community picnic at the Salts. We went down and invited along anyone else we could think of for an afternoon sitting in the sun, sharing food and celebrating our wonderful town. This is something we want to see far more of in the future and something that ifS can help to organise. We need opportunities for different people across our community to meet up and share ideas and take ownership of their town. It was certainly a good start.

The rest of the week was dominated by leafletting for the East Ward by-election. Every street in the ward with one exception has now had a copy of our beautiful leaflet and the reception on the doorstep has been overwhelmingly positive. The final stretch is along the A259 and we will be out in force at the end of next week to ensure they get done in style.

This week we have also started looking at the proposals to build on two sites in Seaford with new housing. Whilst we all support affordable housing being built in Seaford we have serious concerns that these houses will not be affordable and are not being built in suitable locations. This week saw an online petition being started by ifS candidate Sarah McStravick and supported by all the candidates and we will be taking that petition out to the streets next week.

We also had a meeting to look at the last two weeks before the election and discussed the best ways of getting the message out to the people who are not on social media and may be unaware of what we are trying to achieve. One thing that came out of discussions following the last election was that people really appreciate the chance to meet their candidates face to face and to get to know who they are voting for. So we will be coming to a doorstep near you.

At the end of the week I returned home to find a letter waiting for me from Lewes District Council confirming that there will be a by-election for Central Ward. We are going to need to decide if ifS want to support an independent candidate in that election as well. Exciting times!

Week Five accomplishments – Leafleting the entire ward, hosting a launch event, organising a community picnic, starting a petition against an unwelcome development.

Week Five challenges – Working out who is leafleting which street, making sure that people have the chance to meet their candidates.

Week Six to-do list – Door knocking, spreading petition against the Buckle development, deciding if there is a candidate we want to support in Central ward.