The Buckle Development - Radio Interview with Mark Enser – Sarah McStravick

18th June 2015 By Sarah McStravick

An appeal from all four of our ifS Candidates. Sarah McStravick, Sylvia Dunn, Fiona House and Debbie Ward.

What is transparency to us, well it is defined in the Cambridge dictionary thus: 'A situation in which business and financial activities are done in an open way without secrets, so that people can trust that they are fair and honest' We have spent much time, either in office at Seaford Town Council, or as campaigners for change, listening to the residents and trying to get things achieved.

With other like minded Councillors Sylvia and Sarah, in response to concerns from Seaford residents, did change the rules, to bring in greater debate and transparency.

We are the largest town in the district, but yet again, it may appear from residents views yesterday ( who attended the meeting in Peacehaven) and the timetable set out for consultation on the 'new district developments', that Seaford is not yet timetabled for consultation, although Peacehaven, Lewes and East Chiltington ( with according to Wikipedia 324 voters in 2004) have already been planned! Further to this we read, with dismay, that it is alleged that Lewes District may have already 'done the deal' in Seaford!

Where is the transparency and democracy in this?

In one of our candidates day job she works to adhere to the UN Convention on Children's Rights, in which the views wishes and feelings of a child must be taken into account in all matters that affect them. Why have the people not been consulted before? Has this been a ' done deal' behind closed doors? It's a matter of trust and honesty.

So what can we do about it now?

We can campaign ( legally)!

We can make our views known, sign the petition. Write /email comment on website to Lewes. Then remember at the next elections, we do live in a democracy after all..,

Independents for Seaford was set up to promote proactive positive people to stand for our town, to challenge and ensure greater transparency and accountability in the town, for the town.

We are fielding 4 candidates in the East Ward of Seaford, two with proven track records in listening to the public and bringing about community action and change in a transparent manner at Seaford Town Council. We are joined by two active campaigners from Seaford, Debbie and Fiona, who have  listened to residents and actively voiced the concerns for Seaford for several years.

We are newly formed but growing with your support we can bring about change in an honest and transparent manner.

We are all in this together, for Seaford!