I'm for Seaford because - Vanessa Lawrence

18th June 2015 By Vanessa Lawrence

I'm for Seaford because.....

Up until last year I naively thought that when I put my cross in the box for local elections I was voting for people who wanted to do the best for our town.

The events of the last 18 months has shown this to be far from the truth. Sadly party politics had taken over and we have seen Seaford being used as a pawn in a bigger game. Our opinions and wants being totally ignored.

After the results of the last election I was very surprised to see that two of the most active and engaged councillors failed to keep their seats, so when a request went out for interested people to form a group to try and get some common sense and impartiality back in the town council I along with others responded.

The commitment of the four candidates has been amazing to see, their desire to make a difference for the town likewise. I have helped with leaflets and canvassing and talked to some of the residents who like myself want to see local people standing up for our town.

This is only the beginning for ifs and I hope that in 4 years time everyone will know about us and Seaford Town Council will be totally independent.

We shall see..........