South Barn Litter Pick 2016 - Sylvia Dunn, Fiona House, Christine Brett

17th April 2016 By Sylvia Dunn, Fiona House & Christine Brett


In 2015, in an expansion of Sylvia Dunn’s seafront litter pick, IfS went up to South Barn after a couple of busy weekends and cleared quite a lot of rubbish.10846071 779267922190735 1844730544212156175 n

This Sunday, having seen the post from Cuckmere Haven SOS about their litter pick 3 of us joined Caroline and 4 volunteer members of the public to do a pick of the main carpark and trails down to Cuckmere Haven.

Unfortunately due to work and family commitments we were unable to stay afterwards to avail ourselves of Caroline’s offer of tea and cake. But we honoured our commitment to the litter pick regardless.

It would be good if this could be arranged at regular intervals, especially after busy weekends when more litter likely to be present, to ensure this area is kept rubbish free.

Main observations:

There’s some strange litter out there! Tampax boxes in hedges, golf ball outer casings well munched (we presumed the inner rubber is in the dog or fox who annihilated!), so many poo bags- why scoop and not walk the short distance to the bin provided?, and the inevitable MaccyD cups and bags.

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