As we pass the deadline for nominations to be submitted for the by-election on 27th October I wonder if the following plea will fall on deaf ears:

  • Please – keep the campaigns clean and factual
  • Please – do not grab glory for something you did not instigate or partake in – be honest about the level of your involvement, it will not help your campaign if mis-information has to be pointed out publicly
  • Please - do not harass or intimidate other candidates, it is not big or clever and certainly not becoming to someone wishing to be an elected member of the Council. Especially if aspiring to vacant higher positions
  • Please do not stoop to the national party ethos of “it’s all part of the rough and tumble of politics”


Remember your electorate will have more respect if you are truthful, honest, transparent and behave with dignity.

Break the mould Seaford Candidates and show that local elections can be run fairly and with integrity.


Good Luck to all



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