IfS have decided not to field any candidates in the forthcoming by-election.
It took a lot of discussion and there were many pro’s and con’s mulled over.

In June 2015 we put the town before our election campaigns to ensure the Buckle protests got off
the ground. Despite many saying it was a done deal we persisted and joined with other residents
around the District. This led to a scrapping of the ‘New Homes’ scheme. Sylvia Dunn, through hours of research into the procedure of LDC , instigated an external Auditors investigation whose findings have recently been publicised and upheld our suspicions.

In 2016 our potential candidates are working on other issues within the town, such as the train
protest, and involved in long term projects for the good of the town as a whole.

We feel it would be negligent to take on anything else at this time.

So we will continue focussing on our current commitments, attending Town Council Meetings,
raising your issues. Questioning where necessary decisions and proposals made by Councillors and
ensuring that we highlight any concerns raised by residents about transparency and most topically

If you have any issues you wish us to pursue please do get in touch. After all having a vote on the
Council is one thing but you do not need a vote to get things done as we have proved, for years as
individuals and now as IfS.

Please remember when we do stand again in your ward that we remain active in many ways in the
town, we are steady and consistent in our commitment and do not just roll up when an election is
in the pipeline.


IfS Your Voice for Our Town