When IfS was formed in 2015 there was great enthusiasm and 2 by-election campaigns were undertaken, alongside the petition against developing the Buckle and protests.

Though we were unable to win a seat on Seaford Town Council IfS candidates still gained a healthy share of the votes.

Since then the Buckle and whole ‘New Homes Plan’ have been laid to rest thanks to community collaborative working with S.R.V. and other campaigners in towns throughout the district. It just shows it is not a done deal just because tuppenny politicians say so.

Since then, as we said on our leaflets in 2015, many members have been active in supporting the Neighbourhood Plan and will continue to do so until 2018 when it is hoped it will be ready to go to referendum!

Sadly though we lost Sylvia and Sarah to a major party but others remain active and willing to carry on developing the thoughts and ideas that fired us all up 2 years ago.


I have been actively assisting residents as IfS with a variety of issues such as liaising with traders in Sutton Road regarding the Markets and was successful in reaching a temporary compromise during the trial period to help businesses function on market days; dealing with waste issues locally that were an eye-sore and potentially a vermin/fire risk; amongst other varying issues & complaints still underway.


Sadly STC Cllr. Les Worcester passed away recently, and while I would have liked to have stood under other circumstances, the casual vacancy notice coupled with residents being vehemently against co-option led me to gather signatures to call for a by-election.

I have drafted a leaflet based on our branding from 2015 and am raring to go! If anyone fancies helping with leaflet posting in the coming weeks after the big election please contact me!

The Hiccup:

Due to email communication issues with Electoral Commission and registered officers the original registration lapsed in December 16 and it was necessary to re-register the party. Today, 31st May, I heard that we are now official again!  

Still Interested?

I hope you will continue to support Independents for Seaford in whatever way you can – do let me know if and how.  We will arrange an AGM meeting soon to formalise some of the work to date in re-forming.

Best wishes to you all and again thank you!

Fiona House 

IfS Your Voice for Our Town