1500 leaflets distributed around East Ward, a big thank you to all who lent a hand. fronteast17

I think I live in the most beautiful ward in Seaford. The gardens this time of year are stunning and walking around the roads and closes when the sun is shining, the bees buzzing in the huge variety of blooms, scents of lavender, pinks, honeysuckle and jasmine floating by made the task all the more enjoyable. Seeing all the different styles of garden certainly has given me some ideas for my 25 year work in progress!

Thank you to all those who took the time to stop and chat or ask questions, and those who were interested enough to call me and find out more. For those I missed I hope you read the leaflet before consigning to the recycling bin!

My aim for this election was two-fold: firstly the obvious to gain the first seat for IfS and show what we are made of; secondly to increase % share of the vote if I do not succeed.

Will I be disappointed if I am not successful? A little of course, but if objective No.2 is reached then will have been worth it.

Will I stand again? Too right I will. 2019 is after all only short 2 years away, and in between times I will carry on 'doing community stuff' as my daughters put it, listening to residents, helping people with problems, campaigning on local issues, working with the Neighbourhood Plan groups and promoting the benefits of a Town Council that leaves Party Politics at the front door and focuses on the town and residents alone. Oh and dressing up as a pirate to march through town carrying a burning torch, hi-viz marshalling at community events and generally making the most of our wonderful community spirit!

This may or may not be my last missive until Thursday night after the count depending on if the muse takes me tomorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Good Luck to all candidates on Thursday 6th July,

Fiona House

IfS Your Voice for Our Town