This year has flown by. It has certainly been an interesting one with elections, the Neighbourhood Plan reaching draft stage and public consultation which closed just this week, exciting progress with Seaford Town Council's Seafront Developent Plan and all the other achievements in the Town in the last 12 months.

In July I stood again as a candidate for Seaford East Ward. I enjoyed meeting many residents during my travels leafleting and while I was up against the mighty party machines the fact that I continue to be approached by residents to help with multitudinous questions and issues will one day show that I am not just about during election campaigns - I always have and life permitting always will be, working for our community and listening to your voices year in year out.

The election followed the sad news of the passing of Cllr. Les Worcester. He was always such a gentleman and always had time to stop and pass the time of day. He is sadly missed.

Event wise this year we have been a little unfortunate.

I was marshalling with Seaford Bonfire for Armed Forces Day and despite the weather there was a good turnout for the official part of the parade. It was such a shame the weather put a damper on what is normally a bustling fundraising event afterwards for many local organisations. Next year please try to come down and show your support!

In contrast the weather for Motorfest the day after and for the Young Mayors Summer Magic was perfect and the events were great successes.

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October was horrible with the ferocity of Storm Brian leading to the hard but sensible decision to cancel Seaford Bonfire's Annual Procession and Firework display on safety grounds. It was such a shame for all the members who had worked so hard fundraising in the previous 12 months (yes they are at it all year!). Please support them in 2018 as they also rely on donations on the day to continue to provide a wonderful evening.

November saw the publication of The Draft Neighbourhood Plan following approval by Town Councillors and the start of the Reg.14 Public Consultation. I hope many of you visited the events or have read the draft plan? Neighbourhood Plan Documents link All the feedback will be collated over the Christmas period and comments reviewed by the steering group during January.

December, the time of excitement and shenanigans at Christmas Magic. To stand out while collecting and handing out programmes for the event myself and my two chief fellow mischief makers plus support crew dressed up to be the 'elf and safety crew' ;)


So in brief my year and apologies for resulting 'ear worms' :)

In the first month of 2017 my diary gave to me a mountain of tax returns to do!

In the second month of 2017 my diary gave to me 2 issues sorted satisfactorily for residents

In the third month of 2017 my diary gave to me 3 event meetings

In the fourth month of 2017 my diary gave to me more committee meetings and a Neighbourhood Plan public information evening

In the fifth month of 2017 my diary gave to me ideas for Cancer Research Sponsorship and a village Mayday Fete

In the sixth month of 2017 my diary gave to me Armed Forces and Motorfest fun and more residents concerns about our East Ward

In the seventh month of 2017 my diary gave to me a neighbourhood plan event and an election campaign against the party machines

In the eighth month of 2017 my diary gave to me summer holidays with grandkids, Bonfire BBQ chefing  and selling raffle tickets at the Young Mayor's event

In the ninth month of 2017 my diary gave to me a weekend with siblings and parents and a special teen birthday

In the tenth month of 2017 my diary gave to me a Bonfire stopping storm Brian and a campaign to ‘Sling the Mesh’

In the eleventh month of 2017 my diary gave to me Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation , Remembrance Parade and a wonderful dance show

In the twelfth month of 2017 my diary gave to me Elvish shenanigans at Christmas Magic and a pile of feedback typing for the holidays

Merry Christmas Seaford

May our diaries be as full in 2018 with wonderful community events, large and small.

X Fiona House

Chair, Independents for Seaford

IfS Your Voice for Our Town