A casual vacancy Notice for North Ward was published last week on STC's election page. http://seafordtowncouncil.gov.uk/Elections.aspx

There are options -

the Councillors could agree to continue with 19 councillors until May 2019 when all seats are up for re-election.

Or they could co-opt someone. Likely a Tory as they have the majority.

Or you the residents of North Ward could call for a by-election.

This can be done by updating the ### in this document, printing out and when ten residents of North Ward have signed and completed their details take to LDC at the address on the top, get a receipt (and photocopy before hand)!

While a by-election will put more strain on the coffers of STC it is your democratic right to chose who represents you.

If you have thought of standing but the National Party's do not 'ding your bell' why not explore standing as an Independent? Either joining and growing our own Independents for Seaford Party or we are happy to help and advise if you prefer to stand alone.


Fiona House

Chair, Independents for Seaford

IfS Your Voice for Our Town