Warwick House Campaigns:

As you may have seen in the local press and on Social Media boards ESCC are consulting on closures of Day Centres. One of which being Warwick House, in Seaford. To many this must seem an appalling waste of funds in providing a new centre in the last couple of years when the library was refurbished, only for it to be closed? It begs the question of what plans do they have for what would then be an unused space and how long these plans have been in existence- if public funds have been used to refurbish, only to be sold off (?), why??

Resident action petition: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-warwick-house-to-keep-our-elderly-community-safe?bucket&source=facebook-share-email-button&time=1522303651

Local party action appears to be a petition to ESCC: http://www.leweslibdems.org.uk/save_warwick_house?recruiter_id=20384

And a protest:

SNAP ( the Seaford, Newhaven, Alfriston & Polegate branch of Lewes Labour Party) are calling a demonstration against the threatened closure of Warwick House Day Centre on Saturday April 21st at 10.00. We'll assemble outside the Centre (which is housed in the same building as Seaford Library). East Sussex County Council (not noted for listening to the needs & opinions of people in this area) is intending to make £10 million pounds of its £17 million "savings" from adult social care. The Phoenix Centre in Lewes is also threatened, the day centre in Peacehaven has already been closed, and there will be no alternative if Warwick House goes. After nearly 8 years of cuts, the fabric of a civilised society is actually being destroyed. All welcome - from all parties and none.

No action appears to be underway by the other parties.

Please support these initiatives, as you did for the ‘New Homes’ and Buckle protest. Encourage the active parties to work together and support each other’s campaigns – together the town’s voices are loud: separately they become a whisper.

Fiona House

Chair, Independents for Seaford

IfS Your Voice for Our Town