IfS Campaigns

Since forming after the General Election in May 2015 as well as election campaigns we have been campaigning locally on issues affecting the town.

The first campaign started when, within days of the election, LDC announced the sell off of 49 sites within the District which included the Buckle car park, toilets and recyling facility. IfS immediately started a petition online and followed up with feet on the street and seafront, highlighting awareness and gaining signatures.

Since then there has been a lot more work behind the scenes and our news and press release pages highlight the key milestones, our supporters continue to be active throughout the year in various voluntary roles. There are also the residents we assist individually around the town with a variety of issues.

The second campaign has been launched in August 2017: To stop LDC selling off The Salts Cottage, which was originally purchased with Seaford residents tax monies through Seaford Urban Council and taken over by LDC in 1972. IfS has launched a petition which will be presented to LDC as soon as it has reched the required 2,000 signatures: hard copy coming to the town very soon!