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3rd August 2017 By Fiona House

The property in question known as Salts Cottage was originally purchased with Seaford resident’s tax monies. When Seaford Urban Council was devolved to LDC under the Local Government Act of 1972 the cottage was included in the assets transferred for no fee. Since 1972 LDC has benefitted from rental income from this 3 bedroom residential property through Social Housing tenancies.

As the property is no longer of a standard to rent in this way and currently lies empty LDC officers offered to sell the property to Seaford Town Council for the market sum. This is not currently an option either financially or ethically.

This is a property that was bought by the people of Seaford, and it should be devolved back to STC, as other assets have been over the years, at no cost. The Town Council have identified uses for the property that will benefit the community as a whole.

Relevant Agendas are full council meetings: 20/4/17 p80-81 and 20/7/17 p100-105.  One proposal if the cottage is devolved back to original purchasing town - Seaford - is to rent to someone who will also provide security presence on the Salts. I think this a great idea which would provide social housing with a rent return for the town and help the community as a whole.

Please sign and share the petition, the sooner we get to 2,000 the sooner we can make our voices heard at LDC!

Fiona House

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