IfS Campaigners


Our campaigners are the doers, movers and shakers behind IfS.

The Executive who run the back end and Active Supporters.

During election campaigns it is all hands to the pumps distributing leaflets and spreading the word. When campaigning on community issues our supporters' strengths come to the fore; some are avid researchers, others organise - we are forming a great team and there's always going to be room for a variety of skills.

IfS also support local groups and organisations and have marshalled public events, volunteered with kitchen duties and offered and assisted with promoting lesser known groups.

Our Social Events will hopefully start to take off as it is great to plot and plan together and our quiz teams are doing non too badly either!

Merchandising is coming along and have been printing the 'I'm for Seaford' linen bags ourselves. It is hoped to expand this to help with fund raising for campaign overheads.

Finally we rigourously monitor our Town Council and ensure for every council meeting we have at least one representative in the public gallery to ask any questions that have arisen from Council Agendas.